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Individual Planning

Estate Planning for Individuals

Individual planning – All adults, including those still in College, should at a minimum have designations
in place in case of a hospitalization or incapacity.

This will allow someone to make financial and medical decisions on their behalf.
For college aged adults, this could be their parent(s). 


If you are single or don’t own any real estate, should you still have an Estate Plan?


If something terrible happened to you, who would:

  • Make healthcare decisions for you?
  • Pay your bills and access your accounts?
  • Communicate with insurance companies?
    Look after or distribute your property?
  • Address many other crucial matters?


Important individual planning can save you and your loved ones from heartache, uncertainty, and completely avoidable expenses during a difficult time.


Estate Planning for Individuals
Estate Planning for Individuals, College Adult Planning

College Aged Adults

For young adults, the same principals hold true.

What if something terrible happened while your college student was off at school? 

You would be unable to make financial or medical decisions for them in an emergency event, without a Medical Power of Attorney and Statutory Durable Power of Attorney. Also, the hospital would not be allowed to release medical information to you without a valid HIPAA release.

As part of our YOUNG ADULT HEALTHCARE package we provide a special card that your teen carries with them and includes access to all the necessary healthcare documents. If something terrible does happen to them, you will be alerted and the documents will be immediately available. Does your child travel a lot? This card works worldwide 24/7/365.

See More Information on our College Adult Page.

Contact us today to discuss documents for your young adult. 

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