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Nursing Home & Medicaid Crisis Planning

(Or to protect the assets of my parent(s) or other loved ones)

No matter the circumstances, we can guide you through a process and quickly determine a specific course of action designed to protect the maximum amount of assets. People are often shocked by how much we can protect by using our Medicaid Crisis Planning strategies!


One of the most difficult things in life is navigating the myriad of emotions associated with placing your spouse, parent, or another loved-one in a nursing home. Families often feel panicked, overwhelmed, and confused. The financial reality of the situation can add an unbelievable amount of pressure and frustration to the already difficult journey.

However, it is likely NOT too late! Steps can still be taken to protect and preserve assets and income, but it is critical that proper legal guidance is obtained from an attorney who knows how to look out for the interests of your loved one and his or her family.

Here’s a secret: NOBODY else has only the interests of your care-needing loved one as their sole focus.

While pre-planning is often the best course of action, if you’re in a crisis, do not simply give up and do not wait to seek our help! Contact us right away to learn how we can guide you through this difficult time!

Medicaid Crisis Planning

Medicaid Consultation

Whether Pre-Planning or in a Medicaid Crisis Planning, we can quickly analyze your situation and create a roadmap for a plan that will get you Medicaid eligible while preserving the maximum amount of your assets.

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