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Estate Planning For Young Families


An unpleasant topic that no parents want to even imagine is “What if I’m/we’re not around?
But, ignoring it just isn’t a responsible option. Estate planning for young families could help.

For some reason, many parents with minor children procrastinate and don’t take the steps to put into
place a well-designed estate plan. In fact, only 36 percent of families have taken this important action!

Don’t put the fate of your children’s future in the hands of strangers. The time is now to take control of planning for what will happen if tragedy strikes.

Estate planning for young families

The unknown consequences for their children in the face of losing one or both parents are some of the greatest fears moms and dads face.  Being the parents of five children, Mike and Sara know all about this!

Burgett Law Firm has comprehensive planning systems that put into place crucial safeguards that will protect your children now and well into their future if you are not around to do it yourself.

Among other important considerations, we help you consider the  following:

  • Designating a Guardian for your child(ren) who can immediately step into your shoes if you are unable to parent (without having to go to court!)
  • Appointing someone to make financial and health related decisions if you are seriously injured (again, without having to go to court)
  • The handling of your possessions and how an inheritance will be protected and carefully distributed

Delivering Peace of Mind to you is what drives us to help you!

Estate planning for young families
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