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Waco Probate Attorney
& Trust Administration

Do you find yourself in need of a Waco Probate Attorney? Mike Burgett is a Waco Probate Attorney who will guide you through the Probate process with compassion while giving you confidence and certainty that the job will be done right! 

Probate is the process that starts after the death of a loved one and involves collecting their assets and making certain creditors and beneficiaries receive that to which they are entitled. An Executor (sometimes also called an Administrator or Personal Representative) is appointed by the Court after a Petition is filed and a hearing is conducted. It is the responsibility of the Court-appointed individual to fulfill their duties consistent with the terms of the decedent’s Last Will and Testament (or pursuant to the laws of Intestacy if they did not have a valid Will).

Preserving the legacy of your loved one is both a privilege and a great responsibility. An Executor has a fiduciary duty to serve in the best interests of the Estate.  Because of this, it is crucial that proper procedures are followed from beginning to end. No matter where you live in Texas, Waco Probate Attorney Mike Burgett will provide you with experienced legal advice and will help you streamline the process in the most effective manner.

When you hire Waco Probate Attorney Mike Burgett, you will not have to worry about being unfamiliar with Texas Probate laws or procedures.  He will lead you through all aspects of Texas Probate, no matter the county in which your deceased loved one resided.  For the highest level of peace of mind, give his office a call at (254) 218-6288 or Contact Us Online.

Do you find yourself named as a personal representative or

trustee in the estate plan of a loved one? 

You may be facing some confusion and uncertainty about the process of administrating the estate.

Burgett Law Firm will give you confidence about your role. Knowing what to expect and how to proceed will provide you peace of mind and protection from making potentially costly mistakes. It can also give you certainty that you will carry out the final wishes of your loved one exactly the way they had planned.

Probate is the administrative process that involves the court and typically will take one of two paths: it can either be handled through a process called independent administration where the court has limited involvement, or it can be handled through dependent administration which involves the court supervising most aspects of the process.

Trusts, on the other hand, do not involve the courts. During administration, the trustee is responsible for managing (and possibly distributing) the trust assets for the trust beneficiaries in the manner prescribed by the terms of the trust. Among other benefits, trust administration is completely private – there is no opportunity for individuals not associated with the trust to know what assets are held in the trust, who (or what) benefits from them, or any of the trust terms.  Of course, there still can be disputes that arise during trust administration, but a well-drafted trust agreement will avoid most of them and will also provide mechanisms for resolving issues outside of formal litigation and court involvement.

Please contact us if we can help you navigate administration of an estate. We’ll be happy to provide you with a complimentary no-obligation consultation to discuss your matter.

Waco Probate Attorney & Trust Administration
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