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Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshop: Estate Planning Essentials

Learn How to Protect Your Assets & Provide for Your Loved Ones

This FREE Educational Workshop covers important and frequently asked questions and misconceptions
regarding Estate Planning and Medicaid Planning.

Some topics covered include:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of Wills & Living Trusts

  • Maintaining your privacy and protecting your estate against a living probate if you become disabled (NOT all Powers of Attorney work the way you need them to!)

  • Planning before you need Long Term Care

  • Why putting property in children’s names can be a huge mistake

  • Preserving your estate for your kids if your surviving spouse gets remarried

  • Protecting your children’s inheritance from their future ex-spouses, lawsuits, and other claims

  • How Probate works and more importantly, how you can avoid Probate altogether!

  • How you can qualify for and use Medicaid to pay for nursing home expenses which are over $6,500 per month locally

  • Providing for special needs (disabled) family members 

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