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Nursing Home & Medicaid



Medicaid Pre-Planning ahead can save you and your loved ones from a lot of heartache, pain, and financial loss.

The reality is that an individual turning 65 now has a 70% chance of needing long term care!

Creating a plan now can protect your wealth, make certain your wishes are known,
protect your loved ones from last minute heartache as they wonder what to do, avoid probate,
help you create a fabulous legacy for your loved ones, and so much more!

Did You know that in Texas the average cost for nursing home care is over $6,500 per month, or more than $80,000 per year? And the government’s most recent National Nursing Home Survey showed that the average stay in a nursing home is 835 days! According to an individual turning 65 now has a 70% chance of needing long term care, and 20% will need care for longer than five years!

The costs associated with long term care can be devastating to a family, wiping out a lifetime of hard-earned savings.

It does not need to by that way!

Burgett Law Firm’s Medicaid pre-planning system can: 

  • Protect hundreds of thousands of dollars and more from having to be spent on Long Term Care 
  • Give You Peace of Mind 
  • Protect your Financial Nest Egg for passing on to your loved ones 
  • Create a positive legacy through your Estate and remove the burden of Probate for your family members


Medicaid Pre-Planning

(Or to protect the assets of my parent(s) or other loved ones)

No matter the circumstances, we can guide you through a process and quickly determine a specific course of action designed to protect the maximum amount of assets. People are often shocked by how much we can protect by using our Medicaid Crisis Planning strategies!

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