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Are you part of the Sandwich Generation?

Tips on how to make the best of it!

One of the best ways we show love for our family is by caring for them. A new term has been created called the “Sandwich Generation”. This describes people meeting the needs of their elderly parents and providing and caring for young (and sometimes not-so-young!) children. And, of course, that group has to look after their own affairs. This can be a pressure-filled position for these people as they are being pulled around to care for many within their circle. They, especially, are prone to having the mindset of “I can never die…!because so many depend on them for support.

If you are part of this generation, we have some tips to help you make the best of being in this position.

First, planning ahead is key! Remember our Five P’s? Prudent Planning Prevents Preventable Pain! Moving forward with certainty about the thoughts and wishes of your loved-ones will ease anxiety now and will help things flow as smoothly as possible in the event of a crisis or the loss of a loved-one. Eliminating the “guessing game” by having a comprehensive Estate Plan in place can help smooth the road ahead.

It may not seem easy, but having clear and honest discussions with your loved-ones about their goals, fears, and wishes related to healthcare during a period when they might not be able to speak for themselves is crucial. Pre-planning (and funding!) for end-of-life can also avoid a significant burden.

Attorney Mike helps navigate these waters and gently discusses these hard-to-consider topics. He considers each family situation and designs exactly what is needed for protection and peace of mind.

Next: take care of yourself! Too often, caretakers get burned out from pressure they feel, as well as pressures they may not even recognize! Consider what refuels you and commit to making those things a priority. And don’t forget to pay attention to your own basic needs, including a balanced diet and some level of exercise. Even taking a 10 minute stroll can revitalize the spirit and give your body just what is needed to keep moving forward!

Play a game, solve a puzzle, create something with your hands (even if it doesn’t turn out looking amazing!). Taking the time to make yourself a happy, healthy servant will benefit you and those you care for.

Post written by: 
Attorney Mike Burgett
Owner of Burgett Law Firm, PLLC

Located in Waco, TX