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Estate Planning for Individuals, College Adult Planning

If you have a college student or a young adult who is over 18, they are adults!

As parents we do all we can to provide and protect our children. If you are sending your adult child off to college, the story below is all too common. Unfortunatly, we need to prepare for anything that may come our way in life. We can help you get these protections in place.

Prepare now, so this isn’t you. 

◼ The phone rings . . . your son (your baby), who is over the age of 18, is crying on the phone. He is in terrible pain, 700 miles away, none of his friends are with him, he is scared and his 19 year old RA is taking him to the hospital. The pain in his stomach is so bad he can’t stand it anymore. You stay on the phone with him the entire way to the hospital, asking questions and telling him you love him and that you are sorry he is hurting so badly. He hangs up when they arrive at the Emergency Room.

◼ That is it . . . That is all you know . . .

◼ The RA is or your only source of information. Your child is not answering his cell anymore and every time you call the hospital, they tell you – “Your ‘child’ is an adult and they don’t have permission to share anything with you because it is a HIPAA violation.” Unless you can prove otherwise, the hospital is not going to tell you anything about your child.

This is an incredibly heartbreaking reality. Now is the time to plan prudently.

For our families with children over the age of 18, it is important to remember that they are legal adults. Parents then are not allowed to make financial or medical decisions without a Medical Power of Attorney and Statutory Durable Power of Attorney. Parents are also not able to request any healthcare information for their child without a valid HIPAA release.

As part of our YOUNG ADULT HEALTHCARE packge we provide a  card that your teen carries with them that includes all the necessary healthcare documents, So if something terrible does happen, they are available when needed. Does your child travel a lot? This card also works worldwide.

Call us today to discuss documents for your young adult. (254) 218-6288